DataScribe Humidity Recorder


The DataScribe Model RH is the choice for temperature and humidity logging with its 64,000 memory, 0.1 F and 0.1% resolution, and an optional 3 point NIST traceable humidity calibration. Thousands are in use worldwide monitoring museums & clean rooms, HVAC systems, schools, hospitals & pharmaceutical storage.

Our WinDataSoft software (free for every DataScribe owner) includes the most common calculations required for agriculture, HVAC, pharmaceutical industry, and many other industries. Calculations include degree-days, chill hours, bio-degree days, grape mildew index, mean kinetic temperature, dew point, wet bulb and absolute humidity, wood equilibrium moisture, and many more.

The DataScribe RH Temperature & Humidity Logger features:
visual alarm and operation indicators
large nonvolatile memory holds 64,000 readings
linear, high-accuracy sensors
-30 to +150 deg F, and 0 to 100% Rh range
+/- 0.5 F and +/- 3% Rh accuracy (10 to 90%)
0.1 F and 0.1% resolution
start at future date & time option
alarm & min/max delay option
date/time stamped out-of-limit alarms
data retrieval does not interrupt logging
runs for a year using 9V battery
CE certified

Every DataScribe RH is calibrated in our TS-2500 precision humidity and temperature chamber and shipped with a statement of calibration.

For complete specifications, look at the DataScribe Brochure.

For more information on the software, look at the WinDataSoft Brochure.

Before placing your order please be advised we only ship to the US and Canada.

Only $199 including WinDataSoft software which can be downloaded HERE.