HarvestGuard Degree-Day Monitor



The simple solution for crop management.

Our stand alone HarvestGuards have been helping field managers reduce pesticide use, measure frost impact, and prevent powdery mildew for almost 2 decades. The HarvestGuard is a compact recorder that accurately measures and displays degree-days, chill hours, frost degree-hours, and mildew index. It uses the standard methods for calculating degree-days required by most current phenology models. It records yesterday's and today's min/max temperatures. It can be set to display in degrees F or C. It's simply the most powerful and versatile instrument available.

Track Multiple Events

HarvestGuard's 3 accumulators can be individually set to monitor degree-days,
chilling hours, or frost degree-hours. Each can be started independently. The starting total, low and high thresholds are all user defined and easily entered using the simple 2-button keypad.

Monitor Mildew Pressure

In addition to tracking degreedays using the Daily Average method, the HarvestGuard Model MD displays the current Grape Powdery Mildew Index pressure along with a 7 day history. For more information on this, and the other HarvestGuard calculations, please refer to the HarvestGuard User's Manual.

Works Without a Computer

HarvestGuards are completely standalone instruments. Two buttons do it all!
You never have to worry about retrieving data from the field and loading it into your computer to see what's happening.

Effortless Operation

In the field simply press your HarvestGuard's "next" button to read:
yesterday's min/max
today's min/max
current temperature
accumulated degree-days
accumulated chill-hours
mildew index & history
battery condition

Choose the Degree-Day Calculation that's right for you.

HarvestGuard models differ in the way they calculate degree-days. Current models use single-sine (Model HG-SS), daily-average (Models HG-DA & -MD) and "Actual" based on a 15 minute sampling interval (Model HG-HH) calculations.

Before placing your order please be advised we only ship to the US and Canada.

The HarvestGuard Single-Sine model (HG-SS) with internal sensor is only $199:

The HarvestGuard Daily Average model (HG-DA) with internal sensor is only $199:

The HarvestGuard Model MD also tracks Mildew Index!

The HarvestGuard Model MD also tracks the Powdery Mildew Index. The current
mildew index is displayed along with the previous 7 days history! It's indispensable for vineyard managers.

The HarvestGuard Model MD with internal sensor is only $219:

The HarvestGuard "Actual Degree Days" model (HG-HH) with internal sensor is only $199:


HarvestGuard Remote Sensor Option:
If you require a remote sensor instead of the internal sensor. Purchase this option at the same time you purchase one of the HarvestGuard models above. Instead of the internal temperature sensor, your HarvestGuard will have a remote sensor on a 12' cable. Please note: an additional shipping allowance will be added as the cable adds additional shipping weight and bulk.

The remote sensor option is only $45 and can be added by clicking the button below.


For complete specifications, look at the HarvestGuard Brochure.