Our WinDataSoft is the key to the simplicity and power of the DataScribe system. This advanced software is your expert assistant. It makes DataScribe setup, data collection, and advanced analysis simple.

This superior software includes the most common calculations required for agriculture, HVAC, the pharmaceutical industry, and many other industries..
Calculations such as degree-days, chill hours, bio degree days, grape mildew index, mean kinetic temperature, dew point, wet bulb and absolute humidity,
wood equilibrium moisture, and many more.

Calculations are treated as "virtual sensors" which can be added to the graph, exported, etc.

WinDataSoft runs on any Windows operating system from Win98 to XP. It will run on Win7 32 under the "XP compatible mode" but is not currently compatible with native Win7 or Win7 64 bit.

For complete information, look at the WinDataSoft Brochure.

WinDataSoft is Free to every DataScribe owner. It can be downloaded as a zipped self-executing install Here.


Simple, Intuitive Setup


Powerful Calculations Built-In


For example, Vineyard managers can monitor Mildew Index.


Calculations are treated like "virtual sensors", and several can be added to the graph.